Get Ready for Spring with A Professional Duct Cleaning

Many homeowners are thrilled to finally see the first signs of spring arriving in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area, but with the milder weather comes some very uncomfortable side-effects. Many people suffer with allergies related to pollen, grasses, shrubs and other irritants that are so common this time of year. Fortunately, duct cleaning can often provide an easy way to bring a bit of relief.

After spending the winter with your home closed up against the chill of a cold winter in the Carolinas, your ductwork might be dirtier than you think. This is especially true if you have never had a professional duct cleaning. Even energy efficient Trane HVAC systems and filters can allow airborne irritants to enter your home’s duct system and occasional cleaning is necessary. The air that was used to warm your home in the winter carried various irritants and pollutants that have likely become lodged in your duct system. Of course, with summer approaching it won’t be long before homeowners turn on their air conditioning systems and these airborne contaminants run the risk of becoming recirculated into your home.

Professional duct cleaning can eliminate the irritating effects of airborne debris and leave your entire family breathing easier. In fact, if you have anyone in your family who suffers from frequent colds, allergies, asthma or other health problems, professional duct cleaning is often an excellent way to help relieve symptoms.

If you are concerned about indoor air quality, professional duct cleaning is essential. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that indoor air quality in residential properties is often much lower than they ever anticipated. Outdoor pollution is a common concern, but rising pollution indoors is something that homeowners can easily do something about.

At J & J Air we take indoor air quality very seriously. Our trained service technicians can provide exceptional duct cleaning as well as expert installation of dependable Trane equipment and professional HVAC services in Myrtle Beach, Sunset Beach, Brunswick and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today.

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