How To Keep Your Air Conditioning Running Through The Summer

No one wants their air conditioning to quit in the middle of a hot summer, and that’s when the repairman has the longest waiting list. If this scenario troubles you, have your unit checked by a specialist on an annual basis; spring is the best time for ac maintenance in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Some of the components of air conditioners that are part of a good inspection are the coils, refrigerant, blower, the condensate drain, and air filters. The coils should always be clean. If they’re not, the unit will run longer and be less efficient. Make sure the refrigerant is at the right level or this will also make the unit work too hard. The blower parts need to be clean; lack of airflow impacts efficiency. The condensate drain should be checked to ensure it is not plugged, and that all moving parts are well lubricated. Of course, you should change your air filters on a monthly basis. Check for mold in the system and clean any that you find with a mold inhibitor product. Mold can clog the condensate pan and reduce efficiency in the coils.

Always check the thermostat settings. This could be where you are losing money if the house is kept too cool while you are not there. The electrical system should be producing the correct amount of current and all the connections should be tight.

Keeping your air conditioner efficient and well-tuned will pay you back for the cost of these inspections, in the same way that the cost of routine maintenance on your car is cheaper than having it break down on the road. With proper care and maintenance, your air conditioning can provide a comfortable home for years without any mishaps or problems.

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