Get An Energy Efficient Home With A Geothermal HVAC

Houses traditionally require two systems to control the indoor temperature: an air conditioning unit in the summer and a furnace or heat pump in the winter. These systems work by taking the air outside, heating or cooling it, then pumping it inside the house. In extreme temperatures, this process requires quite a lot of electricity or fuel. As an alternative, many people are turning to geothermal heat pump installation.


Geothermal HVAC systems work by using the Earth’s natural heat. The system collects heat through an underground pipe called a loop. At six feet underground, the temperature remains around 67 degrees F year round. During freezing winter air temperatures, it is much more simple to produce heat from the ground. In the summer, the heat pump processed is reversed so warm air is pulled from inside the home and pumped back into the ground, much like how a refrigerator operates. The cool underground absorbs heat energy more easily than the already hot air outside.


In addition to keeping your home comfortable, geothermic heat pump installation can also supplement or replace your water heater. In the summer, the system uses heat that would be pumped back into the ground and rewires it to warm up a pipe that then heats the water. Traditional water heaters may need to be used when the system is not operating as frequently during the temperate seasons of spring and fall.


After deciding that a geothermic heat pump is right for your home, your installation provider will help you decide how to best install the loop in your property. This large pipe will be hidden underground, unobtrusive and unseen. Loops for residential locations can be installed horizontally, vertically in the ground, or wired under a pond or lake. Your service provider will advise which route will be the most efficient.


These systems last longer than traditional heating and cooling systems and require little maintenance. Investing in a geothermic heat pump installation in Myrtle Beach, SC, will benefit your quality of life, your wallet, and your impact on the environment. You will be making a wise choice to consider this system for your home or business.

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