Learn Maintenance Tips For Keeping Your AC In Tiptop Shape

Your AC needs to be maintained during the winter season to ensure that it works without a hitch during the scorching hot summer months. AC maintenance in Myrtle Beach, SC, should be left to a professional. However, there are a few basic steps you can perform yourself if you’re somewhat comfortable with disassembling an appliance.

Before you do anything, be sure to switch off the power. This is a basic safety step that you absolutely cannot ignore. Once the AC is unplugged, unscrew and remove the cover grill to expose the fan. Brush off the dust and lubricate the motor.

Next, remove the coil guard and clean the condenser coils by lightly rinsing it with a hose. A quick rinse will remove small debris and particles. While you’re working on the coils, inspect the fins and straighten them with a comb if they’re bent out of position.

The AC may also be low in refrigerant. This aspect of AC maintenance in Myrtle Beach, SC, should be left to a technician. Never attempt to replace the refrigerant on your own. The liquid can seep into the atmosphere causing a harmful gas that is dangerous for both you and the environment. Local laws may also require refrigerant to be handled and disposed in a certain manner.

Finally, inspect the filter and replace it if it’s clearly clogged. A good trick is to hold the filter up against a light source. If the light doesn’t shine through, then it needs to be replaced. To save money, you can even reuse the filter by washing it. Give it a good rinse with water and non-abrasive soap. Be sure the filter is completely dried before placing it back inside the AC.

If you are not comfortable with DIY AC maintenance in Myrtle Beach, SC, then outsource the job to a technician like the professionals at J&J Air. Attempting self-maintenance without completely knowing what you are doing can cause further damage. To play it safe, leave the job to the pros.

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