We Specialize in Duct Cleaning

Many homeowners do not understand the importance of professional duct cleaning; however, if your home is like the average person’s, you keep your doors and windows shut and run your HVAC system almost continuously. Whether it is a cold Carolina winter or a hot and humid summer, running your heating and cooling system is the best way to keep your home comfortable. The problem with this is that there is rarely an opportunity for fresh air to enter your home.

Today’s homes are tightly sealed and windows and doors are often left shut against outdoor temperatures. Of course, we now have far more contaminants in our homes as well. Everything from the glue used for your furniture to carpeting, plastics and other building materials can emit toxins into your home. Your HVAC system circulates the air throughout your home and pollen, pet dander, mold spores, dust and other airborne contaminants pass through your ductwork. Unfortunately, many of these irritants can become lodged in your ducts.

Fortunately, a professional duct cleaning can help eliminate many of these airborne irritants and leave you and your family breathing much easier. Of course duct cleaning is something that should be done by a trained professional. However, when you have a qualified technician perform duct cleaning, you can take comfort in knowing that you are providing the safest and most comfortable environment for your family.

For homeowners in the Carolina’s there are certainly many beautiful days when doors and windows can be left open to help air out your home; however, even if you have an opportunity for fresh air, you might be surprised at the number of pollutants and airborne allergens that will still be in your home. Whether you live in an urban area or you enjoy a rural environment, pollution, pollen and other allergens will still be circulating throughout your home. Of course, once you close your doors and windows and turn on your HVAC system, these airborne irritants will pass through your ductwork, making duct cleaning necessary.

When you need professional duct cleaning or quality AC services, contact the experts at J & J Air. Our team of trained technicians can provide the highest quality duct cleaning in the business. Call today and let us show you why local residents trust us for the duct and air conditioning needs.

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